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The New Rules of Customer Acquisition

We surveyed over 200 US and US marketers working in eCommerce, to understand how customer acquisition strategies are evolving as we start the new decade. Inside this guide, you’ll find

  • The new rules of customer acquisition and retention;
  • Data-backed insights and solutions;
  • An in-depth look at retail and travel industries across the UK and US.

Learn the five new rules of customer acquisition, as explained by marketers themselves

The New Rules of Customer Acquisition

See what’s inside:

In an extremely crowded market, competition for the attention of new customers and rising costs of acquisition are increasingly challenging. So how are marketers responding? Yieldify’s “The New Rules of Customer Acquisition” eBook draws insights from research conducted with 200 US and UK eCommerce marketers.

We look at 5 new customer acquisition trends:

  1. Acquisition vs. retention still a balancing act
  2. New privacy measures inspiring marketers’ proactivity
  3. Social commerce still the most popular acquisition channel
  4. Acquisition channel ROI coming down to intent
  5. Data collection being realized as the foundation of success

Download the full report to learn more about the changing rules of eCommerce customer acquisition.

The New Rules of Customer Acquisition Ebook | Yieldify

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