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Yieldify is an effective eCommerce email capture solution that’s proven to turn website traffic into new subscribers while delivering a premium user experience. Get more signups, grow your customer database and revenue.

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Common email capture challenges

Attracting the right subscribers

Attracting the right subscribers

Everyone wants database growth, but the real value is in identifying the high quality, high yield subscribers.

Converting traffic into emails

Converting traffic into emails

Email capture is a value exchange with consumers, but what if discount codes aren’t an option for your brand?

Determining campaign success

Determining campaign success

Once the email is captured, how can engagement and customer lifetime value be reported on to determine success?

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Precision targeting

Heighten the quality of your email leads with Yieldify’s advanced targeting options and enriched user data, making sure you deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Our on-site behavior segmentation allows you to gauge customer intent for optimal levels of engagement. Whether your message is a discount code, your unique value proposition, or value-added services, it triggers at the perfect time to deliver high impact.

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High impact forms

To effectively deliver a message to your visitors, especially where you want something in return, the visuals need to hit the mark. Yieldify’s talented team of designers have you covered.

Implementing high impact projects every day, they work closely with you to get you the best possible result for your email generation campaigns. Our email capture forms combine creatives with compliance, all while staying true to your brand identity.

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Strategic insights and reporting

Yieldify’s dedicated client success team is committed to delivering excellent ROI on any lead capture campaign we create. With a wealth of data accessible within the platform, it’s easy to determine how well a campaign performed at a glance. But we go further than that.

Our consultants provide valuable insights that tell you the full end-to-end story, allowing you to capitalize on your successes and continually evolve your campaigns.

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End-to-end campaign management

We’re experts in our field, providing highly effective lead generation software solutions for hundreds of eCommerce businesses worldwide. Yieldify’s experienced consultants deliver fully-managed campaign experiences for our customers, with no coding or IT resource required.

Simply provide us with your objectives and we’ll devise a customer journey strategy, form copy and design, putting everything live so that you can quickly watch the results come in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lead generation strategy?

Lead generation is a marketing process where interest is identified and cultivated for a product or service in order to develop a sales pipeline. Lead generation frequently utilizes digital channels and, at its core, involves collecting a visitor’s contact information via an electronic form so that they can receive further communication.

What is a lead generation campaign?

A lead generation campaign captures interest in a service or product to generate email leads. This can include partnering with a particular media source or promoting an offer, both designed to create inbound leads.

What is the best lead generation software?

There is a wealth of choices within the market for lead generation software tools, each offering different strengths that can appeal to each businesses’ own goals and requirements. A few of our favorite lead generation software providers include:
1. Yieldify
2. Hubspot.
3. Pardot.
4. SharpSpring.
5. Contactually.
6. Keap.
7. Marketo.