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How to Create the Perfect eCommerce Checkout Process

Is there such a thing as the perfect checkout process? The average checkout abandonment rates across eCommerce would suggest there is not. But there is still lots you can do to spot and solve checkout abandonment and increase your conversions:

If you’re in the 78% of businesses who feel there’s room for improvement in your conversion rate, then this guide is for you

How to Create the Perfect eCommerce Checkout Process

See what’s inside:

With 8 in 10 eCommerce checkouts being abandoned, a lot of revenue is going down the drain for eCommerce businesses. Yieldify’s “How to Create the Perfect eCommerce Checkout Process” guide takes you through some real-world problems eCommerce businesses face at the checkout, with simple solutions to help you create the perfect checkout process.

6 most common reasons for eCommerce checkout abandonment:

  1. Comparison shopping – we’ll show you how carefully places on-site messaging can prevent comparison shopping behavior.
  2. Cheapskate-ing – we’ll explore how to cleverly use discounting to prevent customers from bouncing.
  3. Commitment issues – we’ll talk about options like saving the cart and remarketing emails to reactivate dwelling customers.
  4. Procrastination – we’ll see how urgency tactics, such as real-time social proof, can lead customers to check out quicker.
  5. Confusion – we’ll provide some ideas on how to accompany your shoppers at the most crucial moments of conversion.
  6. Lack of trust – we’ll look at the use of trust badges to provide customers with more certainty when checking out.

Download the full guide to learn more about creating the perfect eCommerce checkout experience.

How to Create the Perfect Ecommerce Checkout Process ebook

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