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Personalization after COVID-19

Find out what happened when we asked 400 eCommerce leaders across the UK and US what they have planned for personalization in 2021. This report provides an analysis of:

  • The current state-of-play in the sector
  • The challenges it faces
  • Where it’s heading next

A study of the impact of eCommerce’s ‘great leap’ on the future of personalized experiences

Personalization after COVID-19

See what’s inside:

Yieldify’s “Personalization after COVID-19” report examines the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on eCommerce companies and their website personalization strategies. Based on research conducted in July 2020 with 400 eCommerce leaders across the US and UK, it explores the current state-of-play in the sector, the challenges it faces, and where it’s heading next.

Here are some of the key findings:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic saw eCommerce make 10 years’ worth of growth in a 90-day period. But rather than pause their personalization efforts in the face of change, eCommerce teams have learned the lessons of ‘black swan’ events of the past and are moving ahead with ambitious plans for the next year.
  • The shift in consumer behavior underlying the boom means that personalization is now being deployed more for retention, rather than acquisition or conversion, purposes.
  • For eCommerce teams, scaling personalization comes with the key obstacles of lack of resource and restrictive personalization tools.
  • Rather than be fazed by the prospect of increasing privacy restrictions, eCommerce marketers are optimistic about how their personalization programs will benefit from them.

Download the full report to discover more about eCommerce marketers’ ambitions for website personalization in 2021.

Personalization After COVID-19 Report | Yieldify

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