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Top 12 Email List Building Software Tools for eCommerce

Building an active and engaged customer mailing list should be a top priority of every website owner. To help get you started, we’ve analyzed the top 12 list building tools on the market and how you can use them.

Building and maintaining an active and engaged email list is a worthwhile investment for any business.

From a commercial standpoint, it is a highly effective owned marketing channel that enables businesses to reach engaged audiences at a fraction of the cost. In fact, email is quoted to have the highest return on investment (ROI) among all digital marketing channels with every $1 spent yielding an average return of $42.

Even more importantly, today’s consumers still want to receive brand communications via email. An impressive 49% say that they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands on a weekly basis.

By actively building an email list and delivering timely, relevant, and personalized messaging you’re creating a super-engaged audience that wants to know more about your products and services, cares about your promotional offers, and will serve as brand advocates further down the line.

To sum up, a strong email list is a gateway to cost-efficient customer acquisition, higher customer engagement, and increased lifetime value.

Now the only question is: How do you build one?

Email list building: The basics

We have published a dedicated guide that explores the best email list building strategies in more detail, so please give it a read if you’re totally new to this. However, the basics of growing an email database can be summarized as follows:

  1. Give them a good reason to sign up
  2. Make it easy to submit their details
  3. Follow up with timely, relevant content
  4. Don’t spam

The first and most crucial part of any list building effort is to offer enough value in exchange for the user’s personal information, i.e. an email address. Various businesses choose various incentives, but the most common eCommerce examples focus on discounts, new product releases, exclusive access to sale promotions, and such.

Case in point: Together with Klaviyo, Yieldify recently ran an email capture campaign for our client Daily Steals. The campaign featured a 10% discount as the incentive and resulted in 125,000 additional email subscribers generated.

Daily Steals case study - Notification

Another key thing is making the signup process frictionless. This has to do a lot with how your email signup form is designed: How many fields does it have, what does the call-to-action sound like, where is the opt-in located on the website, is it mobile-friendly, etc.

Assuming you handled the first two steps correctly, you should be seeing a healthy influx of new subscribers coming in. But nothing is more frustrating for a user than submitting their valuable data into the ether, i.e. never hearing back from the brand they’ve subscribed to.

To prevent this, your business can set up email automation workflows, such as a series of welcome emails that introduce new subscribers to your product or service.

Email welcome series - Klaviyo

Lastly, don’t let all your list building efforts go to waste by spamming your subscribers. Data shows that out of 14.5 billion emails sent per day, 45% are spam emails. Further data suggests 73% of all emails are unwanted promotions for sales or products.

Don’t let your brand become part of these statistics. Make sure to deliver relevant, timely, and personalized emails and offer subscribers an easy way to modify their communication preferences.

List building tools: Reviewing the top 12

Once you have your strategy nailed down you’re going to need a tool to help implement it effectively and help you grow your email list. If you’re a budding entrepreneur or business owner it can be hard to know which list building tool to choose from with so many available. 

We’ve comprised a list of our best-rated list building tools and an overview of their features to help narrow down the selection when it comes to growing your email list.

Email marketing software tools

1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email service provider designed with eCommerce businesses in mind. Klaviyo offers intuitive marketing automation, list segmentation, A/B testing features, and more.

Klaviyo offers a range of integrations spanning from the biggest eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, to social media channels, affiliate marketing platforms, loyalty programs, etc.

One of such integrations is Klaviyo’s advanced integration with Yieldify that combines Yieldify’s onsite engagement capabilities with Klaviyo’s email personalization engine. (Learn more about Klaviyo & Yieldify here).

Klaviyo & Yieldify advanced email integration

This integration is specifically designed to boost email opt-in rates by 10-20%, but also capture more contextual and behavioral data that can be utilized for powerful email personalization. It enables connected user experiences that span across multiple channels.

Our client Busbud already took advantage of the enriched Klaviyo and Yieldify functionality. The joint strategy increased Busbuds’ email open rates by 100% as well as the overall email marketing revenue by 40%.

Busbud case study | Yieldify x Klaviyo

2. Omnisend

Another great list building software tool to consider is Omnisend, a marketing automation platform for eCommerce. Omnisend offers a wide variety of features to help you build your email list, such as timed and exit-intent popups, static forms, gamified forms, landing pages, etc.

Their forms are 100% customizable, which means you can capture other bits of information, like a phone number and SMS marketing opt-in consent, and you can target your forms and popups, so they’ll capture the most contacts possible.

While list building is just a small part of the features that Omnisend has to offer, their tools are great for creating an email list from scratch.

List building tools - Omnisend

3. MailChimp

It’s estimated that on average, out of 306 billion emails sent a day, 1 billion of those are sent using MailChimp. It’s an impressive stat for an equally impressive platform.

MailChimp contains many different features that make growing your email list easy. Mailchimp allows for complete customization and personalization of the emails you send to subscribers and has easy segmentation features that mean users can be categorized into relevant campaigns based on their behavior.

It features integration with WooCommerce and other eCommerce platforms. The plugin allows you to create targeted landing pages, overlay popups, and embedded sign-up forms within your eCommerce platform and automatically integrates the designs with the brand theme.

MailChimp even optimizes all of its user-created landing pages, popups, and sign-up forms to be of the highest quality to maximize conversions, and pre-personalizes the emails in advance once the email addresses have been captured.

List building tools - Mailchimp

Landing page builders

4. Leadpages

Landing pages specifically designed to drive email opt-ins, also known as squeeze pages, are an effective way to grow your subscriber database. Leadpages is a landing page builder that offers a variety of newsletter signup templates specifically for that purpose. 

Leadpages puts emphasis on good user experience and enriches their templates with interactive elements, such as countdown timers, social proof, exit intent overlays, and more.

One of the best selling features of Leadpages is its ability to also supply detailed analytics reports packed with real-time conversion optimization tips.

List building tools - Leadpages

5. Instapage

Instapage is a dedicated landing page builder offering over 100 already made and highly optimized page templates. Pages are easily created with a drag and drop builder and items such as buttons, headlines, images, and videos, and different length forms can all be added.

Online survey and quiz builders

6. Typeform

Interactive content is another great way to boost your lead generation efforts. Interactive content allows for effective engagement with your audience and oftentimes lessens the friction associated with submitting personal data.

Typeform is a web-based platform that specializes in online form building, online surveys, and quizzes. Typeform’s unique selling proposition is that it enables users to build quite advanced forms and calculators without needing to write a single line of code.

With Typeform, you can collect emails and grow your subscriber database while giving users opportunities to engage in competitions, contests, and giveaways.

Typeform also integrates with popular email marketing software and CRMs so you have all the customer data centralized.

7. Outgrow

Outgrow is a content creation tool that allows you to build online quizzes, surveys, polls, chatbots, and more. Outgrow offers various premade templates for virtually any industry, from food & beverage to automotive to financial services, etc.

What makes this type of list building unique is the vast amounts of data you can collect along the way.

Imagine you create a questionnaire that matches customers with their best-suited sunglasses. Besides collecting their email address, you can ask questions about their preferred color, material, budget, and then use all that information to personalize their future interactions.

List building tools - Outgrow

Contest and giveaway apps

8. Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is a unique email list building tool that is entirely focused on creating contests and giveaways across your website, social media pages, and blogs. Giveaways work especially well when collecting emails from your website visitors because users must either enter an email address to participate or enter one to claim their reward should they win. 

Rafflecopter contains features like custom theme designs, email list integrations, and abilities to track metrics such as the number of entries originating from social media networks. 

Check out some of the Rafflecopter case studies and see how brands have grown their email lists by 20% and boosted their social media interactions using sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.

Email list building tools - Rafflecopter

Overlay and pop-up shops

9. Sumo

Sumo provides a variety of concise, effective list building pop-ups. What makes it unique from other list builders is the technology built into each type of popup. Its popups contain technology such as Sumo Smart Mode, a feature that detects when a user hovers the address bar and thus looks to be leaving. 

Smart Mode pop-ups then recapture the abandoning visitors’ attention by overlaying the entire screen with a shaking animation.

As well as Smart Mode pop-ups, Sumo provides other nonintrusive options such as a scroll bar pop-up. Upon a visitor scrolling through a percentage of the page, a popup will appear in the bottom right corner. 

10. HelloBar

Another list building software tool that can speed up the growth of an email list is HelloBar. It enables you to create exit-intent popups, timed popups, floating sign-up bars, and more to collect emails and serve other promotional messages on the website.

For eCommerce retailers, exit-intent popups recapture visitor engagement by offering value. Exclusive discounts, access to pre-sales, or free content giveaways like gift guides, meaning you can prevent cart abandonment and instead secure an email address.

Email list building tools - HelloBar

Alongside deploying exit intent technology to correctly time popups, HelloBar also recognizes the importance of great copy.

Even when offered value, visitors still need to engage with the messaging they’re greeted with. HelloBar takes this into account by giving users access to a team of dedicated copywriters who will review the website’s goals and suggest optimizations geared for high conversion rates.

11. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a list building tool that is designed primarily for integration with WordPress and WooCommerce. In a single plugin, Thrive Leads collates multiple variations of signup forms. A drag and drop editor means that each form can be designed and optimized depending on the campaign that it relates to. 

Thrive Leads offers ten types of signup forms and alongside traditional options such as embedded and inline forms, Thrive Leads also provides Screen Filler Overlays, Content Locks, and Scroll Mats.

Overlay options such as Screen Filler Overlays, Content Locks, and Scroll Mats cover entire pages to remove distractions, focusing your visitors’ attention solely on acting like subscribing. You can view all the different options you have here.

Email list building tools - Thrive Leads

Online retailers can deploy entire page overlays to encourage access to exclusive content like loyal customer programs or exclusive sales. 

To support the multiple signup forms, Thrive Leads also includes a dashboard that reports important metrics. This lets you track the performance of campaigns over time and subsequently identify where your most valuable traffic originates from.

Website personalization solutions

12. Yieldify

Email capture is one of Yieldify’s core product offerings. We create cohesive customer journey-oriented experiences that not only amplify your brand messaging, but also consistently grow your customer database through various email opt-in campaigns.

Yieldify’s behavioral segmentation engine allows you to gauge customer intent and recognize the main touchpoints when a personalized email signup form should be served.

As a fully managed service, our team will lay out a complete email list building strategy for you, while a team of designers will also ensure you have an eye-catching sign-up form that sticks to your brand guidelines.

Some of our results:

  • +54% increase in email leads captured for Healthy Chef.
  • +116% increase in weekly leads captured for Petal & Pup.
  • +94% higher lead capture rate than the industry average for Busbud.

Want to learn more about email capture? Take our benchmark quiz!

Email capture benchmark quiz

In Summary:

To summarize, email list building tools are necessary for growing eCommerce email subscribers. The right solutions enable retailers to engage with their visitors, driving and converting new business. With an influx of new subscribers at your disposal, you’ll also want to make sure these emails are valid and legitimate or when you do begin contacting them if may harm your sender reputation and deliverability.

Enticing new subscribers couldn’t be easier with easy, incentivized sign up opportunities. Overlays, pop up and sign up forms can all display the right messaging to the right people at the right time, effectively growing your email list.

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