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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Optimization

Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) is the new conversion rate optimization (CRO). Download our most popular guide of all time to learn:

  • What exactly is Customer Journey Optimization
  • How to implement CJO for your eCommerce business
  • Best customer journey optimization industry practices

Learn about the benefits of customer journey optimization for your eCommerce business

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Optimization

See what’s inside:

Yieldify’s “Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Optimization” offers step-by-step pointers on how to map out your customer journey and then optimize it, along with examples of brands who are excelling at this. By the end, you’ll see your brand – and hopefully your customer – in a whole new light.

Our guide will cover:

  • How Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) differs from CRO – we’ll explain why CJO offers a more holistic view of your customer experience and should be prioritized over short-term tactics like CRO.
  • What impact can CJO have on your business – data shows that over half of customers are willing to pay more for a good experience but there are more important gains to be made.
  • How to start with Customer Journey Optimization – we’ll explore how to create a customer journey map, how to score it, find “moments of truth,” and more.
  • Focus area: eCommerce website visitor journey – we’ll zero in on the eCommerce website visitor’s experience and look how to optimize it for a smooth flow through the sales funnel.

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Optimization Ebook | Yieldify

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