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Keeping Up With Customer Touchpoints

More than 60% of eCommerce customers interact with brands through multiple channels and irrespective of time, place, device, or medium, they expect consistency. Get this free guide and keep up with evolving customer touchpoints. Inside you’ll find:

  • Steps to identifying and classifying key touchpoints.
  • Statistics on email, chatbots, voice assistants, and more.
  • E-commerce marketing examples from brands like Nike, Subway, Amazon.

An eCommerce marketer’s guide to evolving customer journeys

Keeping Up With Customer Touchpoints

See what’s inside:

Yieldify’s “Keeping Up With Customer Touchpoints” eBook examines the most important customer touchpoints appearing across the entire eCommerce customer journey.

Customer touchpoints – defined as the various interactions that people may have with your brand – occur before, during, and after a visitor becomes a customer. This encompasses everything from a Facebook ad they’re seeing for the first time, right down to the transactional email they receive after purchasing. Customer touchpoints are used in customer journey mapping and effectively show the areas to focus on when starting to build a marketing strategy, looking to improve the visitor experience, increase retention, and beyond.

We look at 8 most common eCommerce customer touchpoints:

  1. Website – a microcosm of touchpoints on its own, eCommerce websites are the central focus of a brand and its identity.
  2. Email – boasting one of the highest marketing ROIs, email marketing is a strong touchpoint known to effectively convert browsers into buyers.
  3. Chatbots – increasing in popularity and adoption, chatbots are an effective customer touchpoint leveraged to funnel buyers through the sales process.
  4. Customer support – next to AI-powered chatbots, customer support is still one of the most popular eCommerce customer touchpoints.
  5. Voice assistants – a rapidly developing customer touchpoint that offers brands the opportunity to engage directly with consumers, especially in their own home.
  6. Text messages (SMS) – boasting an open rate of 98%, SMS marketing is an effective customer touchpoint that’s grown in popularity in recent years.
  7. Social media – with 94% of online adults having a social media account on at least one platform, it’s a customer touchpoint that can’t be ignored.
  8. Online influencers – a valuable customer touchpoint that establishes trust and serves as a credible source for a specific industry.

Download the full guide to learn more about eCommerce customer touchpoints.

Keeping Up With Customer Touchpoints Ebook

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