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How to Create a Customer Journey Map

Have you created a customer journey map yet? According to Yieldify’s State Of CJO survey, over 40% of marketers are already using customer journey mapping and a further 34% are planning to invest in it this year.

So, there’s no time like the present to get your head around what customer journey mapping is all about. Fill out the form below to unlock the guide to Customer Journey Mapping:

A comprehensive guide to customer journey mapping in 10 simple steps

How to Create a Customer Journey Map

See what’s inside:

Yieldify’s “How to Create a Customer Journey Map” e-book looks to answer the most important questions about customer journey mapping for eCommerce and beyond. The guide explains what is customer journey mapping, why it is so important, when is the best time to start mapping your customer journey, and who to involve in the process.

In 10 simple steps, we’ll explain how to create a customer journey map:

  • Step 1: Setting objectives – we’ll look at the most common goals associated with customer journey mapping, such as visualizing multi-channel marketing approach, identifying new market segments, conducting product tests, etc.
  • Step 2: Assembling the team – we’ll explore how to build a cross-functional project group with stakeholders from across the business.
  • Step 3: Choosing a template – we’ll look at customer journey map templates and offer ideas on how to start using a simple whiteboard.
  • Step 4: Defining customer personas – we’ll discuss why retro-fitting your customer journey map from the perspective of the brand is the wrong way to go, and how to make good use of customer personas.
  • Step 5: Gathering data – we’ll list the various data points, such as conversion rates, website traffic, and more needed to inform your customer journey mapping strategy.
  • Step 6: Mapping customer touchpoints – we’ll piece together all situations where the customer interacts with your brand.
  • Step 7: Streamlining internal actions – next to external customer touchpoints, we’ll look into the internal actions needed to streamline your customer journey map.
  • Step 8: Adding timelines – we’ll look at the different intervals it takes for a customer to move from one touchpoint to another.
  • Step 9: Looking at customer emotions – we’ll evaluate how a customer may feel at each step of their journey towards purchase.
  • Step 10: Defining evaluation criteria – we’ll explain why it’s important to benchmark your metrics next to each customer touchpoint and will give you some ideas on what to track.

Download the full eBook to discover more about eCommerce customer journey mapping.

How to create a customer journey map | Ebook by Yieldify

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