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The future of personalization: increasing conversions (minus the complexity)

The future of personalization – and how your business can increase conversions (minus the complexity).

The ideal marketer is half data-scientist, half business-strategist. (With a bit of creativity shoehorned in for good measure.) Gathering data, gaining insights, testing and optimising are now essential principles of the new marketing doctrine.

The proliferation of A/B testing over the last decade isn’t a coincidence, testing is fundamental to the continual improvement of your customers’ experience.

But, as one of the earliest evangelists of conversion optimization, I can attest that A/B testing alone isn’t enough.

A decade ago individuals only lived in one or maybe two screens (their home and work desktops), but today serving the “winning experience” to all of your customers is actually a “one-size fits all” sub-optimal experience. Instead, you need to get to know your buyers – and allow their actions to shape their customer experience.

Today, the dialogue of conversion optimization has matured – as most marketers are focused on personalization. According to Econsultancy, 96% of retailers now believe that personalization is right for their business.

Despite those figures, only 6% of retailers adopt true personalization. In my humble opinion most marketers who are “personalizing” are simply macro-segmenting visitors. To elaborate – targeting visitor experiences based on the time of day or weather is segmentation. While targeting visitor experiences based on their actions or previous purchases, that is personalization. Period.

Personalization brings an individual experience.

With customers now using multiple devices to engage with brands, recognizing individual user journeys across devices is critical to accurately personalize for your customers.

As a result, cross-device tracking is the holy grail of data capture as it enables your business to achieve a single customer view.


A single customer view (SCV) is the gateway to true personalization

A SCV – the ability to see a customer’s whole journey, across every channel – brings a deeper understanding of your customer.

It provides you with the full picture required to provide consumers a vastly improved customer experience.

For decades data has been trapped in silos. Dismantling these barriers means that marketers can offer more coherent, authentic and timely messaging across every medium.

With 56% of online shoppers more likely to shop on a site that provides personalized recommendationsadvanced personalization is essential in the race to keep up with customer expectation.

A single customer view enables you to start predicting what your users will do next. For example, imagine the ability to predict “when will my visitor abandon cart?” – this kind of foresight is lucrative. Predictive marketing that anticipate your customers’ next move is the future of conversion optimisation – helping to provide your customers with a truly seamless experience.


Yieldify helps you predict and adapt to your customers’ intent

We know you’re busy and hesitant to evaluate yet another “cloud”.

We also believe that you want to convert visitors, easily.

At Yieldify our mandate is to design predictive technologies to help marketers increase conversions, minus the complexity.

“We know that marketers crave top-line growth – as simply and quickly as possible. They aren’t looking for another platform to train their team on. That’s why Yieldify offers our clients a full service, making it easy for marketers to achieve measurable results.” Yieldify CEO, Jay Radia.

Our full service solution provides eCommerce marketers, across every vertical, with predictive and personalized marketing capabilities – allowing you to serve customer-centric experiences.

With customer experience fast becoming the key differentiator between your brand and the competition, using predictive and personalized marketing ensures your business will keep up with your ever-adapting customers’ needs.