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Audience Segmentation for eCommerce

In this guide, we’ll explore how eCommerce marketers can effectively use audience segmentation, and why this is actually a key part of your personalization strategy.

  • 8 ways to segment your visitors using your website data;
  • Why segmentation is different but crucial for personalization;
  • Examples of campaigns targeted at different segments & the results.

Learn about 8 essential audience segments to personalize for

Audience Segmentation for eCommerce

See what’s inside:

Audience segmentation has long been a powerful way to learn more about your website visitors, improve their experience, and potentially gain a lot more customers who’ll be coming back to purchase from you again and again. However, with more data available than ever before, it can be difficult to know which segments to target and how.

We look at 8 important audience segments to personalize for:

  1. New visitor segmentation – new visitors make up majority of website traffic at around 55% making them a crucial audience segment to reach.
  2. Returning visitor segmentation – with the higher average order value (AOV), this audience segment should be an eCommerce marketer’s priority.
  3. Returning customer segmentation – a difficult segment to engage, returning customers bring high value in the long run and can be engaged with VIP messaging and perks like gifts and discounts.
  4. Loyal customer segmentation – our statistics show that this audience segment has the highest chance of converting – keep them happy and grow your revenue!
  5. Time-based segmentation – see how time-based segmentation boosted’s conversion rates by 11.2%!
  6. Location and Language segmentation – depending on your product, breaking users down by their geographic location could be a highly effective tool to cater to customers’ needs.
  7. Traffic source segmentation – remind this audience segment of the initial reason they clicked and make their customer journey smoother.
  8. Device segmentation – the path to conversion on mobile looks different from the desktop journey, and thus should be addressed.

Download the full guide to learn more about effective audience segmentation for eCommerce.

Audience Segmentation for eCommerce

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