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How M6 Boutique leveraged its ‘offsite’ reputation to increase conversions

M6 Boutique is a pioneer of home shopping in France, successfully leveraging the trust it had built through TV and bricks-and-mortar to increase its e-commerce conversions

M6 Boutique first appeared as a television show in 1988 and has since been a pioneer of home shopping in France, now extending to e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar retail as well as continuing to broadcast over 650 hours of TV programming every year.

Its e-commerce challenge was to succeed in selling products from over 400 brands whilst competing against growing presence from the likes of Amazon.

Yieldify helped M6 Boutique leverage the key trust signals that the brand had built in being on TV for nearly 30 years to increase conversions by 13% and increase average order value by 10%.

Click the preview below to read the case study and find out how:

  • complex and confusing delivery policies can be overcome without heavily impacting on margins
  • how M6 Boutique used video to engage visitors without interrupting them
  • what brands can do to translate their offsite advantages to their onsite experience

M6 Boutique case study with Yieldify