Keeping the Booking Journey on Track


Conversion rate uplift with CJO


Passengers each year


CJO campaigns to date

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Stansted Express wanted to ensure that visitors to its website were aware of the benefits of choosing to book it’s service. To do this, it needed to provide visitors with relevant information to help them make that decision, dependant on which stage of the booking journey they were at.

Yieldify’s Solution

Yieldify and Stansted Express ran multiple campaigns, targeting visitors by the stage of the journey they were at: upper funnel, lower funnel, ticket selection, booking and payment, and outside the funnel. Tactics used along the journey included social proof, highlighting USPs and reassurance messaging.


All campaigns were tested against a control group to determine if they were having a positive impact on conversion rate. Via this process Yieldify were able to determine which messages worked, how many to show, and identify the optimal customer journey.



Conversion rate uplift for CJO vs a single campaign


Conversion rate uplift with upper-funnel USP messaging


Conversion rate uplift with lower-funnel reassurance messaging

“Through Yieldify’s combination of expert strategy and technology, Stansted Express has been able to continuously optimize the online customer journey. By testing, learning and iterating on our campaigns, Yieldify has more than delivered on increasing our conversion rate and driving incremental revenue.”