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Yieldify is a provider of award-winning website personalization and conversion rate optimization software. We have worked with hundreds of home and garden eCommerce brands helping them improve marketing ROI and increase revenue without resorting to discounting. Find out more about how we can help meet your goals below.

Yieldify for Home and Garden brands

Attract more leads

Grow your email database and improve customer acquisition with high-impact lead capture forms designed specifically with conversion in mind.

Our advanced targeting options allow you to trigger your lead capture campaign at precisely the right time, gauging customer intent to deliver the highest possible levels of engagement.

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Increase average order value

Streamline the way that you cross-sell and upsell to your customer base with behavioral segmentation, targeting only those most likely to convert for the best results. 

Create campaigns that highlight any related and recommended products or showcase special offers such as threshold discounts to boost basket values and bring in additional revenue.

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Fight cart abandonment

It’s a given fact that not every cart converts in-session. Ensure that your visitor returns by leveraging their behavioral data in order to send them the perfect email follow-up. 

Before they leave, utilize on-page reviews and trust signals at key points in the journey to build trust. This will boost your conversions and create the urgency to buy products while in-session.

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Boost retention and customer lifetime value

Loyalty programs are a great way to boost retention, yet often go unused. It needs to be clear what users get in return for re-engaging with your offer.

Additionally, the on-site user experience is critical to whether or not a user returns. Go beyond the single touchpoint by extending your personalized experience throughout the entire customer journey.

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